Math Tutoring Programs -

Each of our math programs provides children with the math help they need to succeed.

Basic Math Program -

The Basic Math Program helps students learn basic math skills in three general categories: basic math facts, computation, and concepts & applications. The Basic Math Program encourages students to communicate in mathematical terms in all areas of instruction. Mastering these skills provides students with the math help they need for advancement to higher level math classes.

Basic Math Facts

Students learn and master basic single digit operations in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Our instructors provide the math help your child needs to develop accuracy and speed which translates into confidence and success as he or she progresses. These basic math skills provide the foundation for math comprehension that will lead to success as the student moves on to more complex math operations.


Core computation skills are learned in the areas of whole number operations, fractions, decimals, and at some levels, integers, percentages, and pre-algebraic expressions. With math help in these areas, your child is prepared to advance to the next levels quickly and successfully.

Concepts & Applications

This element of the program deals with concept formation, reasoning, and problem solving. The specific math skills learned include: numeration, fraction concepts, decimal concepts, estimating, basic measurement concepts, geometry concepts, problem solving, exponents, graphics, probability, statistics, and ratios.

Pre-Algebra Program -

Once students gain the confidence and mastery of math skills in the Basic Math Program, they are ready to embark onto new challenges in our Pre-algebra Program. This program bridges the gap from basic math help to algebra by offering students algebra-readiness skills. Students will learn how to read, write, and understand the unique language of mathematics so they will be prepared for every type of problem-solving and assessment situation. The Pre-algebra Program affords students the opportunity to spend the necessary time on these important skills areas to ensure success in algebra.

Algebra Program -

KnowledgePoints Learning Centers offer an extensive Algebra Program which teaches the math skills and concepts students need to succeed in high school and beyond. Once students have completed and mastered basic math skills and have a solid understanding of pre-algebra concepts, they can move on to algebra help.

Students will learn, practice, and master the computational algebra skills necessary for successfully applying logical thinking and practicality in school-related algebra courses. The algebra skills and strategies taught in the Algebra Program include: the language of algebra, real numbers, linear equations, linear inequalities, polynomials, factoring, quadratic functions, exponential functions, rational equations, radical expressions, statistics, and probability. Our tutors provide the algebra help needed for mastery of advanced math skills.

Geometry Program -

At KnowledgePoints we help your student cover all the angles! The KnowledgePoints Geometry Program gives your student all the tools they’ll need to be successful in geometry. In our comprehensive Geometry Program, students will learn, practice, and master the geometry skills necessary for success in class. Our program also aids in establishing a firm foundation of understanding for future success in algebra II, trigonometry and calculus applications.

Students are taught logical steps to follow for understanding and mastery in each skill area. Additionally our certified tutors continue the process by helping your child master abstract thinking which aids them in conquering their fears and learning a simplified process of approaching and solving geometry lessons.

The geometry skills and strategies taught in the Geometry Program include: lines & angles, reasoning & proof, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, area and volume to name a few. Our tutors are able to take the time to explain geometry skills in different ways to enrich the students understanding and success. Your student will be glad you chose KnowledgePoints to help!




" Dear KnowledgePoints,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to Ms. Lauren and the KnowledgePoints staff at your Chester Center for the outstanding educational services they have provided over the last three years to my three sons.

Having tested below grade level on the state standardized tests in both reading and math I sought help for my children from your organization. Within a short period of time, KnowledgePoints made learning less intimidating while building confidence and pride in achievement, and helping to bring my son’s reading and math grade equivalencies closer to their grade levels.

Because of KnowledgePoints my sons have grown to like challenges in reading and math. Their grades have progressed from failing and/or just barely passing to passing without frustration. "

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" Dear KnowledgePoints,

KnowledgePoints has helped my grandson improve his reading scores and abilities to the point he is now in the top reading group in the second grade. This improvement happened with only 20 hours of tutoring.

We are now working on his math basics. The one-on-one help is moving him through the much needed math foundations and is giving him the confidence to expand past these basics. The sad fact is that our school system doesn't allow much one-on-one time for teachers and students. If a child falls behind it can be very difficult for him to catch up without some extra help.

My grandson looks forward to each tutoring session. He doesn't see them as work, but fun. there is never a fight about going to tutoring. Just a smile and I know he had fun when he is done for the day. His first report card after starting tutoring at KnowledgePoints was by far the best report card he has ever gotten.

I plan on continuing with KnowledgePoints to help my grandson achieve at his highest ability throughout his school years.

Thank You, Jenny Mc Cormick "

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