Writing, Study Skills
& Homework Edge

Writing Programs -

Whether you have an aspiring journalist or your child is experiencing difficulty in basic writing skills, the KnowledgePoints Writing Programs will help your child develop the skills to prepare them to write their own future. Writing programs are offered for students beginning at the third grade level.

These programs focus on The Writing Process, 6 Writing Traits, grammar and the Forms of Writing. Additionally, the use of Rubrics (which are commonly used by teachers for evaluating and scoring writing) are also taught so students understand how their work can benefit from self and peer evaluation. Journal writing is also incorporated into each session to build confidence and effectiveness in everyday writing.

Even in today's electronic world, the importance of a person being able to properly express him/her-self in writing is not only paramount for academic success but for success throughout life as well, let KnowledgePoints help you help your child.

Study Skills Programs -

Our programs introduce important study skills and offer tips and suggestions along with practice opportunities to for students to hone and develop these skills. With a mastery of study skills students are equipped to tackle every school assignment with confidence.

Study Skills Programs Features:

Learning Styles

Students will determine his/her learning style and learn techniques and strategies which help him/her learn best.


Students learn how to prepare a daily and weekly schedule as well as a term calendar. Organizational strategies are introduced to development sound study habits which benefit the student in and out of school.

Remembering Information

Students learn the use of visualization, categorizations and abbreviation strategies.

Taking Notes

Students learn effective lecture and textbook note taking strategies.

Context Clues

Students learn how to use context clues which will enable them to read and understand unknown words/phrases.

Preparing for and Taking Tests

Students learn the various strategies for test preparation including the five-day test prep strategy for successfully taking a test, including how to reduce test anxiety. Students also learn various test taking strategies and are offered multiple opportunities to practice these strategies with various test formats.

Using Reference Sources

Students learn the proper use of the thesaurus, atlas, almanac, encyclopedia and dictionary (both written and electronic).

Writing Research Papers

Students learn the steps and strategies involved in writing a research paper along with the importance of avoiding plagiarism.

Homework Edge Program -

The KnowledgePoints homework help program will give your student the Edge to succeed! We work very closely with your child’s classroom teacher to ensure that we’re delivering homework assistance similarly to the way your child’s classroom curriculum and methodology are applied.

We work with you and your child to set clear goals so that we all have the same expectations and ensure we stay on the track of success.

We won’t do the homework for them, but we work with your child so that they can gain the skills and confidence to do it independently.

We also integrate Study Skills into the program! We teach students study skills strategies appropriate for the school work they are doing. This enables your child to truly connect meaning between class work, homework and test through proper techniques and habits for success.

We meet with you frequently to update you on your child’s progress.

The Homework Edge features:

  • 3:1 student to teacher ratio
  • Integrate study skills into homework
  • Test prep strategies
  • Prepares students for long term success
  • Caring/trained/motivating instructors
  • Confidence building
  • Building relationships with students, parents and teachers
  • Meeting with school teachers to collaborate efforts
  • Consistent motivation and encouragement
  • Non-competitive learning environment
  • Convenient scheduling to fit your needs


Dear KnowledgePoints,

It used to be a struggle getting Alec to do his homework every night. When he would sit down to read with me, he would get so frustrated. The staff at KnowledgePoints was able to pinpoint exactly what areas he needed to work on and made him feel successful during his very first lesson. Most important, they got him excited about learning new skills. Not only have his grades improved, he now initiates reading together. I'm so pleased with the results.

Thanks for Everything
Joan Carter

" To KnowledgePoints:

We want to thank you for coming to our neighborhood and making learning fun. A few years ago our school began a new math program, it was fine for some students but not for all. My daughter was just not "getting it" she needed to learn math in a more traditional way. Because of this new program she hadn't mastered the basic foundation of math. home work was a challenge and she was calling herself "stupid", which of course she's not by any means. However, even without understanding the basics of math she kept graduating and moving into the next grade with her classmates. She’ll be heading into high school next year and we knew we needed additional help to get her on track and allow her to embrace how truly intelligent she is.

KnowledgePoints started at the very beginning, testing her to discover what she already knew and what she didn't. Then developing the right program for her, meeting with her teachers, and the constant communication with us, we know you want her to succeed as much as we do. You have made learning enjoyable and less intimidating by working with a small group, one to three students at a time, making it fun with a reward system, and offering "play or social" time before and after each session. Because she's being tested at each level and mastering each level before moving onto the next, her confidence is growing, math is no longer frustration or the enemy. She's also learning the value of a good nights sleep, eating for fuel, and to relax before taking a test.

Thank You

Ed Ramone "

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