KnowledgePoints is truly committed to helping students succeed. This includes working collaboratively with school districts, community groups, churches and others who share their commitment to students. It is all about living our vision, “creating success by changing lives”.

NCLB Scholarships:

In Pennsylvania, it has been the Company’s belief that a minimum of 40 hours of tutoring is required to make a significant or material impact to a student. However, in providing tutoring services to students in conjunction with the No Child Left Behind program, the “Per Pupil Amount” or the individual funding for each student participating in these programs is generally not sufficient to provide all 40 hours. As such, it has been the Company’s policy to scholarship or provide, at no charge, the balance necessary to ensure each student receives a complete program. As of the end of the 2012/2013 school year, KnowledgePoints has provided more than $500,000 in scholarships to students in Pennsylvania for these programs. In other words, more than 10,000 hours or about 10% of the total hours tutored were provided at no charge.

Other School Support:

KnowledgePoints has further expanded its commitment to the students they serve as well as their school districts. For example, the Company developed a student testing strategies handout for the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (“PSSA”). The handout is customized for the school and available in an elementary or secondary level version. Thousands of these PSSA handouts have been distributed to students in a number of school districts since 2012 at no charge.  KnowledgePoints has also created a parent workshop series, including “Seven Steps to Homework Success”, and offers these workshops to schools, parent teacher organizations and others, again at no cost to the organization.

Community Support:

In addition to the direct support of students through schools or parent teacher organizations, KnowledgePoints is committed to working with community groups and organizations that serve or benefit students. We provide support to these organizations in various ways. This includes financial support, such as donations (i.e. – gift cards and certificates, prizes, etc.) for fundraisers, sponsorships and other contributions. Many of our staff also volunteers their time to help these community groups.

This may include becoming a member of an organization or just participating in one of their events. In some cases, KnowledgePoints acts as a facilitator, bringing groups together that have mutually beneficial programs or resources. In addition, when available, the Company distributes extra or gently used curriculum materials to these non-profit organizations. See a list of some of the organizations that we have supported.

Back Pack Giveaways:

A few years ago, KnowledgePoints in Pennsylvania began donating and distributing back packs and school supplies to students in need. Since 2010, hundreds of back packs and school supplies have been provided to students.

Groups  and  Organizations  Supported  by  KnowlegePoints