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At KnowledgePoints Learning Academy we provide a safe, fun and caring environment for kids primarily in grades K-5. Our before care, after care and kindergarten enrichment programs create exciting learning opportunities for kids to explore their world. Our qualified staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality child care. We strive to cultivate a warm and inviting atmosphere where kids are encouraged to grow, learn and make new friends.


Our Before Care Program offers a variety of organized activities or centers to help students start their day off right. Students also have the opportunity to finish homework, if necessary.

In the After Care Program, students enjoy a healthy snack and begin to work on their homework, with staff assistance available. We also offer a balance of recreation and enrichment activities after homework sessions that are fun as well as interesting for kids. Academic enrichment activities like our hands-on STEM projects keep our students engaged and eager to explore new things.

In some locations, we also provide a half-day Kindergarten Enrichment Program designed specifically to support the developing skills of kindergarten students and emerging readers. We work closely with the School District to ensure our activities compliment the learning done during the school day. Our goal is to help students continue to grow and expand their confidence emotionally, socially, and academically.
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For more information on locations serving students and families, including enrollment paperwork and other information, click on the link below:

Haverford School District

William Penn School District

Southeast DELCO School District


KnowledgePoints Learning Academy provides exceptional academic and enrichment programs at no cost to your District. We handle all aspects of the program administration, offer parents affordable, flexible options as well as provide the District with revenue.

KnowledgePoints has helped more than 6,000 students since its inception through its various programs. We have developed, coordinated and implemented successful school-based programs in 24 School Districts and Charter Schools building an excellent reputation and positive working relationship. Throughout our history, the success of our programs, and ultimately our students, is due in large part to our “Team Approach”. Working together with school district staff, parents and other community stakeholders has been a key element to our successful student programs.

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“…you have been taking care of my kids like your own”
Parent, 3rd Grade Student Bell Avenue Elementary School

“You guys are the best!”
Parent, Kindergarten Student Chestnutwold Elementary School

“You are really running a wonderful program…”
Parent, Kindergarten Student Chatham Park Elementary School

“We love the teachers and curriculum. This program is convenient and affordable for our family.”
Parent, Kindergarten Student Chestnutwold Elementary School

“We are so grateful for all of the support that you have given (our daughter) this year. As a parent, I felt so much guilt about sending her for such a long day...before care, kindergarten enrichment, after care. It's been the best thing for her though. The program you provide, along with your caring ways, have helped her to grow and have really fostered a love of learning.”
Parent, Kindergarten Student Lynnwood Elementary School

"Highly recommend Knowledge Points, my daughter is there this year and it's wonderful."
Parent, Kindergarten Student Chestnutwold Elementary School

"We are at KnowledgePoints and are so, so happy. The curriculum is wonderful and the teachers are great. It’s a really great thing."
Parent, Kindergarten Student Chatham Park Elementary School

“This is why I love you! You look out for our children like they're your own and I can't be more grateful.”
Parent, 6th Grade Student Walnut Street Elementary School

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